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Wine Retail Insights

While retail drinks market is growing at a fast pace, how to stay competitive in crowd of other thousands of excellent retailers


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This role of the wine retailer is going to be like that full-fledged performance for his audience because unlike other backstage jobs, this is something which is onstage and is expected to be putting the best foot forward, catering the evergreen wine demands and how!

The role of a retailer accounts for presenting and indeed stocking in the best wines that are possible to hit the markets and be appreciated not only by praxis consumers but also by those sharp-eyed consumers who will be eyeing the best wine on the shelf.

A lot goes in acquiring the correct wine brand from the wineries, distributors or importers in order to stock those sparkling liquids. Buying any brand for the name and sake of it does not do it all. The demand, preference, potential market, and many other things matter. The retailer considering these constituents sums up into the best buy and in turn that results in the worthy and peaked selling experience for him.

The standard way, the retailer generally moves towards purchasing wine is the wonted three-tier conventional model, wherein firstly the distributor acquires wine from the importer or the producer, maintaining a portfolio of wines, the retailer gets to choose from. But what holds more than that is the selection amongst the best portfolios the distributor has got to offer.

The retailer has to have huge filled pockets to do the same because the wine acquiring process is not going to be million spending affairs, at least for the start until the retailer does not earn those bucks back. As a start in the wine retailer business, the retailer should be ready to give it all for the later benefits. Stocking those shelves, some by the visible demand and some by self-assessment, the retailer has to have a lot of money to invest in this wine business.

Then the retailer researches initially as to what is the best-sold wine flavor, most preferred brand and other features which the buyer appreciate generally and then chooses the brand from the portfolios.

These portfolios are the Bordeaux, Burgundy, Shiraz, Italian wine, California based wine and many others too. The retailer studies the market habits and the smart buying sharp consumer who may hoard in loads of wine on an alternative basis, meaning quite frequently

Apart from the usual conventional model used by the retailers, now in the USA yet another game changer model which is an intelligent move by the retailers is being used. This newbie model in the wine acquiring process by the retailers is called the Wine Direct Model. This model is proven to be very profitable for the retailers because, in this model, the retailers directly place an order with the wineries and it is for those wines which will cater the specific customer needs and not be limited to what the distributor has to only offer. Next, in line are the distributors who are used to just clear the wine transportation legally in the state. The distributor’s role is skipped, its profits are thin sliced. Another unique feature of this Wine Direct Model is a win-win situation for both the retailer and those wineries that are on a small scale and are underutilized. These results in a huge advantage not only to the retailer but the small wineries because wineries also put a brief point in welcoming people come to the estate and buy wine directly because they make the profit of the entire distribution chain.

Many a time the retailer indulges in acquiring an existing retail shop or opening up a franchise. This also saves a lot of primary research and risks undertaking by the retailer as he just has to now put in efforts to enhance the sales by catering those wine-thirsty palates and yes, timely buying of fine keeping positives relations with the distributors.

The wine buyers have a lot to spend on those world-class wines, finest wines across the globe or even local precious wines. But there are those consumers as well who may not be able to set the money bars high. So, the retailer takes care of ‘the remaining eager buyers’ too by keeping those affordable prices or offers, often resulting in an economical buy for those whose desire.

Choosing the untapped markets can also be an economical buy for the retailer because of two things- The retailer gets to buy a new varietal, plus he gets an edge over others creating new demands.

Having satisfied the location, foolproof wine purchase complying to legal norms and purchases as per the most preferred wine, providing quality stuff at affordable prices, the retailer tries to be that successful multi-tasker.

As a retailer, how would you stay ahead in the competitive retail drinks marketplace?

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