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Critical Tools to Help Importer and Distributor Sales Reps Succeed

Today’s environment for both new and existing brands has never been more competitive. Each month, seemingly more and more sales reps with an endless supply of strong products call on a finite number of on- and off-premise accounts.


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Building healthy, long-term relationships is key, but before a rep visits a prospective account for the first time, there are some basic tools or weapons that every importer or distributor should give their sales reps to help them succeed.

Current, Accurate Product Tech Sheets and Sell Sheets

Nothing says, “We really don’t care about our products or your business” louder than product tech and sell sheets with old, inaccurate or skimpy information. This is equivalent to a PhD candidate handing in a doctoral thesis filled with grammatical and spelling errors. This creates an overall impression that the importer or distributor is sloppy, lazy and unprofessional. Many small, family-owned producers sell to multiple export markets these days. Aside from sending containers with products, producers must provide a minimum of materials to support sales, including an up-to-date tech sheet and sell sheet. At the very least, a tech sheet written in the language of the producer’s home market that can easily be translated. Many accounts expect a wine tech sheet that lists alcohol, total acidity and pH, in addition to a complete summary of harvest notes, viticulture, winemaking methods.

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