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The Seven Questions Importer’s Should Always Ask

Finding new brands for your portfolio is one of the most exciting parts of the job. From exploring new regions to tasting exciting products, truly believing you have found your next big winner can instill real passion in you and your partners.


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Committing to mutual interests and pushing your hardest to see that vision manifest itself in the market is what the import business if all about. The process can be extremely rewarding, but as an importer each new label you chose also represents a new responsibility.   

When profiling new brands, your process should go beyond your personal favorites and reflect what your distribution and retail partners also love. The decision of whether or not you take on a new brand should be made after determining how your customers will benefit.

Identifying the value of a unique selling point, determining clear price points and researching past successes and failures in the US - these are just a few of the aspects that you will need to consider as you develop partnerships with international brand owners.  Even after you fall in love with a brand, every detail of the proposition must be looked at with cold and calculating eyes.  Your customers are in the wine, beer and spirits business and are interested in only one thing.  And that’s the bottom-line. 

Here are seven questions you should always ask international brands before you take them on.

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