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Island Vine wines - A Premium Tropical Experience

A Trinidadian wine crafted finely using the Polish method that was handed down by the Osika family is what the Island Vine Wine has to offer.


Island Vine wines logoThe Island vine wines, nothing compared to what you would have seen or heard before. This wine has some potential to the cultural touch that is diminishing in the beverage industry day-by-day. To sum it up in a much simpler term, the wines produced by the Island Vine bring in that little Caribbean touch at local producer scale, while also maintaining the premium standards with a range of flavors that just don’t fall in the line of conventional methods.

A Trinidadian wine crafted finely using the Polish method that was handed down by the Osika family is what the Island Vine Wine has to offer. The cultural and regional touch it brings to the table is the sign of creativity not needing a modern structure to evolve. What’s more unique about these small-scale yet exceptionally good producers are the secrets of winemaking and the uniqueness they bring in the disguise of an experience that one certainly cannot forget.

Island Vine wines

A little something about the wine that might come in handy!

A beautiful blush wine with a touch of the Caribbean, that has a perfectly balanced hint of Citrus, five fingers (carambola), Pommerac, and Guava that whispers about the Tropical-ness of the wine. The wine isn’t a blend of fermentations although it gives a premium persona but a combination of fruit fermentation processed in their antique glass demijohns.

An aroma that is unique and a complex bouquet of flavors that leave the drinkers in the thoughts of guessing the right flavors every time it's tasted. The complex semi-sweet full-bodied high alcohol wine is tested at 18% ABV and becomes quite evident to the consumer since it has the tendency to leave a lingering aftertaste in its mouth-feel. The wine’s standard size is a 750ml bottle of glass.

Island Vine wines


The use of authentic equipment and the quality of wine-making at a premium segment is what keeps the wines a top-shelf European standard beverage and ensuring the quality remains intact the use of authentic wine-making pieces of equipment allows the wine to stay at its best. While the standards and the tastes of the wine are at huge stake, the ingredients used to make it are all vegan, and no use of animal by-products is brought to practice to age it, which makes the wine organic in all columns.

Using glass demijohns that were being imported from Poland over the period of 120 years, since the wine cannot be made in any kind of plastic according to the makers the drinks are kept at their best forms. Hungarian Oakwood keeps the aging wine process legitimate and has a cultural touch to it.

The makers also believe that chemicals and fertilizers make their way into a finished product and have the potential to ruin it, hence the use of fruits to ferment the wine is in use by the makers that triggers the natural sweetness of the wine and is another great experience for a consumer that is always open to explorations!

Island Vine wines shelf talker

21 Bissika from Island Vine wines went on to win a silver medal in the London Wine Competition, well which adds some credibility to the beverage’s claims. For importers and distributors, this is an opportunity to not be missed out on. The cultural touch that has been diminishing from the industry, Island Vine Wines has a lot to offer and considering the fact that the beverage industry hasn’t even matured yet, the right time to add more variables to their portfolio is now. 

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